Monday, May 5, 2008


Fuel prices are having an impact on business and personal transportation. Our country needs to become less reliant on foreign supplies. What can we do as a state? Invest in renewable energy sources through research and tech transfer. South Dakota is in a unique position to take the lead on energy exportation to the rest of the country. I made this statement at a recent wind farm dedication in Brookings a few weeks ago. I had a mixed response from a few. Some see it as a ‘pie in the sky’ comment. Here is the point: we can make it happen. If we think we can do it based upon what we see as our resources today, no. If we take the resources we see and factor in innovation, then yes. We have entered a new frontier where creativity and innovation will win the day in the future economy. Problems like high gas prices can be addressed, but we must be willing to invest in ‘finding’ the solution.

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