Monday, June 9, 2008

Remember Your Roots…

This is very true…with everything our children work hard to accomplish, it is very beneficial for them to go out into the world…learn…enjoy, and maybe bring that experience back to share with us. I believe strongly in exploring the world, but when it comes time to raise a family, especially in the world today, I can think of no better place than South Dakota.
Many, in fact most people outside of the Midwest, do not understand the culture and value systems that run deep in the hearts and minds of the people who inhabit this beautiful part of the country. Nor do they understand that we have the same things here as they do on the east and west coasts. We have Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, specialty coffee shops, symphonies, museums, the list goes on. With the internet today, we are also just as connected to all the other fascinating societies all around the globe.
The underlying point of this post is not that we are better here in South Dakota, but we are just as good as anyplace else. A current advertisement running on television right now touts the benefits of living the “good life” in South Dakota. A newspaper editorial from the May 8 Emery Enterprise illustrates the “niceness” of South Dakotans.
I believe in South Dakota we do live the good life. I believe that our work ethic, our values, and our overall attitude make this a great place to live…

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