Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Economic Stimulus for South Dakota…

I found an article in the July 17th issue of the Emery Enterprise, boasting a financial return to South Dakota households to the tune of $164.10. Of course this doesn’t mean checks mailed by the state government, but it does point out one of the benefits of filling your tank with E-10. According to the article, drivers save approximately 11 cents per gallon when using E-10 blends. This played out over one year will save drivers money…

Imagine the benefits of continued investment in ethanol and fuel efficient vehicles. We must continue to look forward because we cannot rely on oil forever.

The price of oil has dropped again, now floating in the low $120 range. We aren’t absolved of the issues yet, but the future looks a little brighter today.

We in South Dakota must realize that times will change. Oil will not stay at $124 per barrel forever, and world populations will continue to rise putting a strain on current supply lines. We must address the supply side of this equation to get our arms around the issue. The more alternative fuel options to oil, the better.

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