Monday, September 8, 2008

We Need To Remain Focused…

Much of the news recently has centered on the falling crude oil prices and their subsequent effect on the fuel prices at the pumps. There has also been much talk about off-shore oil drilling, especially last week at the Republican National Convention. While I am in full support of lowering fuel prices for a myriad of reasons, I do hope we as a state and as a nation do not forget developing renewable energy systems.

Renewable energy is valuable to us as a society for both economic and environmental reasons. Also, if we can wean the United States off of foreign sources of oil, we can take the billions we spend annually and re-invest elsewhere.

Renewable energy is still vitally important, and will always be important, despite the price of crude oil. Implementing a policy revolving around renewable fuels will take strong initial investment, but I hope we can look past the short-term and realize the long-term benefits.

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