Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Road Shortages Are A Symptom of A Deeper Issue...

It is time for us in South Dakota to talk about innovation; except this time we need the conversation to focus on how we are going to solve our challenges. This transportation issue is only on the front burner today… but education and economic development for the new economy are also hanging in the balance.

How about a plan with strategy developed to grow our whole state? Maybe a fair tax system not based upon income and a more efficiently run system? Could local control/authority to solve these issues on a regional and local level be the answer?

Last year our legislators in the Brookings area introduced Senate Bill 183, better known as the Transportation District Bill. This bill allowed local communities to partner together and gave them taxing authority allowing them the ability to develop and pay for a long term strategic plan for transportation improvements within their district. It brings assurance to the local citizens for referral measures to be allowed and in essence brings the transportation funding issue to a close. I would love to hear what you think about SB 183.

This way of thinking may just be the avenue to a better future for South Dakota…

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Stacy Burkhalter said...

Hey Dr. Scott! I just found this blog today, I really appreciate the effort you are putting into this, it is very informative and thoughtfully put out. I like this bill, except some of section 6, including the practice of eminent domain, and using district funds to finance someone's campaign. I do like the basic premise of the bill though: that we assign a smaller body of people specifically to accomplish this task and keep up with road work and maintenence. If this is the ticket to getting things done, I'm all for it! Thanks again for the informative blog, I'll have to check up on this!