Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Small Communities...Big Success

December 10th saw the 40th anniversary of the Brookings-based electronics giant Daktronics. Al Kurtenbach and Duane Sander were both professors of electrical engineering at South Dakota State University who turned their ideas into a multi-million dollar company that has earned contracts worldwide, everywhere from Dolphins’ Stadium to Olympic scoreboards abroad.

Daktronics is a great example of how even South Dakota’s smaller communities, with a little innovation and creativity, can have an impact in the global marketplace. The information age brings enormous opportunity to each and every one of South Dakota’s communities as we move into the larger technological world of the 21st century.

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Mike K said...

What’s of interest to me is that both are products of small, rural communities (Sander from Howard and Kurtenbach from Parkston). I’m always amazed at the number of SD entrepreneurs and leaders from small towns. Makes me wonder what happens if we allow our small towns to disappear.