Saturday, April 4, 2009


A recent article in the Argus Leader discusses the effects of the cap-and-trade carbon emissions program that the new administration wants to implement. According to the article, South Dakotans in residential areas can expect to see their electricity bills increase by a minimum of 41 percent under this plan.

The goal of cap-and-trade is to limit carbon emissions by taxing industries that produce more than a set quota of emissions and rewarding those who produce below that threshold.

We all want a cleaner environment that relies more heavily on renewable sources of energy that are produced here at home, rather than purchased from enemies abroad.

Rather than tax the problem (coal, natural gas, etc.), which happens to be the most affordable option for consumers today, why not focus more on developing alternative energy technologies to the point where they become economically competitive? Wind, hydroelectric, clean coal, cellulosic ethanol, nuclear, or even garbage can all be practical forms of energy if done correctly.

Otherwise, are you prepared to pay almost 50 percent more to heat your home, in addition to higher fuel and business costs?

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caheidelberger said...

Why not? Because we need to get moving on solutions now, reduce emissions, and break our old habits. Waiting for the good old "invisible hand" of the market to solve things is what we did in the 1980s, when we forgot about the oil crisis and ethanol and let cheap oil lull us right back into gas-hog vehicles and unsustainable economic practices. If you believe in the market, then you should agree with Thomas Friedman that it's time to pay the full price of our toxic habits. Do alternative energy, but accept cap-and-trade as the price of our past profligacy.