Saturday, May 9, 2009

Supporting Non-Profits

Non-profit organizations are groups that really do not receive enough recognition for all their hard work and the good that they do to help out our friends and neighbors. These private organizations provide assistance in various areas of need more efficiently and at lower cost than if taken care of by expensive, complex government bureaucracy.

Sportsmen Against Hunger
is a great organization that helps feed the hungry by bringing charitable hunters and hungry families together for mutual benefit. Hunters are able to shoot deer, and a needy family receives a freezer full of venison…everybody wins.

Farm Rescue
is another great non-profit organization. Serious injury or illness can put farmers out of action, and a farmer out of action during the warm months means crops may not be planted or harvested. This non-profit helps out-of-commission farmers by assisting in planting/harvesting crops free of charge, so the farmer can have income for the year.

Many of these kinds of organizations exist to help out those of us that have come across hard times and have been less fortunate. Habitat for Humanity would be another good example. All these organizations have materialized through the decency of private individuals…not through government action. Neighbors helping neighbors strengthens the moral fiber of our communities in a way that government helping neighbors never could.

As a state, we need to encourage the growth of non-profits and minimize the red tape in the way that may hinder the development of these fantastic organizations.

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