Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Personal Responsibility

KSFY reports that South Dakota has some of the lowest credit card delinquency rates in the nation, which is great news in this rough economy.

Individuals within this state are living within their means, cutting back appropriately, and not living to excess. Our culture of personal and fiscal responsibility is helping deaden the effects of the national financial crisis. Keep it up South Dakota!

We intend to bring the same kind of fiscal responsibility to Pierre. We cannot continue to spend every dollar we earn, fund ongoing expenses with one-time money, or look to the national government for help. We need to spend less than we earn, put some away for tough times, budget for desired expenditures, and cut back in areas that are ineffectual, wasteful, or can be better served through the private sector.

None of the state’s spending practices would work for us as individuals…so why should we expect a different outcome on a governmental level?

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