Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Communities Respond Responsibly to Economic Climate, Shouldn’t the State?

Local governments and cities like Belle Fourche seem to be the model example for how a government should operate during tough times. This article shows that Belle Fourche is budgeting for the worst, cutting the fat, and yet still manages to keep essential programs such as education and emergency services free from any cuts…even in tough times.

Local governments have to operate within their budget and stay within the black, for the most part. Our constitution requires the state to have a balanced budget as well, but recently we’ve seen fit to run off to the national government for help to fill our budget holes created by a structural deficit. And we all know that the national government has shown minimal financial responsibility, as there is no constitutional requirement for a balanced budget and they do not mind just printing money to make fiscal problems go away.

Local governments are the model for what we should be doing on a statewide and national level to create a position of financial strength and a strong economy.

From the Butte County Post:

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