Monday, June 9, 2008

Hyperion and the Economy…

The issue is controversial, and granted I do not live anywhere near the project, but I do hope all the issues are discussed before any measure is taken to begin building the nation’s first refinery in more than thirty years. First I will say that I am a little proud, that when the world has to endure an energy crisis, they turn to South Dakota for the solutions.
I understand that as a nation we should make every effort to rid ourselves of dependence on foreign sources of oil, but we cannot do so overnight… but where do we turn in the meantime? As a way through, we should consider more refinement. The refineries in existence are three decades old, and new technologies will help us build new refineries more environmentally friendly than their archaic cousins.
New technologies will help in reducing harmful emissions as well as provide more fuel in an effort to feed our insatiable appetite for energy. I believe we should harness alternative sources, but not at the expense of the world economy…that may lead to circumstances I don’t even like thinking about.
I appreciate Hyperion’s effort to make sure the residents of the locality are ok with them building their refinery, and I appreciate the heavy scrutinizing of the proposal by residents of the local counties involved. But I do hope they realize the benefits of such an investment, and the influx of workers and jobs it will bring to the area. Local schools will benefit, and so will all of South Dakota…

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