Thursday, August 7, 2008

Education Is Not A Destination, It Is A Process...

For most kids the summer break is a chance to get away from books. Many will play summer sports, swim, and go on camping trips.

The real challenge for us is this: Regard education not as something we do and then we are done, but rather embrace it as a life long journey.

At the rate by which knowledge increases in this day and age, we have no choice but to re-tool our thinking and our perspective when it comes to education: for both kids and adults.

That means we must implement a new strategy, one that inspires people to embrace learning as a lifestyle and a habit, not as an option. And we begin this process, this change in behavior, this revolution if you will, by instilling and weaving strategic threads into a comprehensive and redesigned education plan.

We are constantly bombarded with news articles concerned about America’s lagging performance in education. We are at the brink of needing to make a decision about education: Will we be ready to make the necessary steps to embrace our new economy and the need to meet the challenges it brings?

Our country has been successful over the last century at leading the forefront in capitalizing on the economy during those times. We must wake up and realize we have entered into a new economic cycle. If we are to remain an intellectual powerhouse, then we must meet the demands of the globalized world. We cannot expect they will slow down and wait for us to respond.

According to statistics, because of their large population, China has more honor students than the United States has students. This is a serious dilemma for a globalized workforce. What do American students offer… where can we find the edge? Does our current educational system give them the tools they will need to compete in this new world order of the economy?

It all goes back to where we are willing to go above and beyond to separate ourselves from the crowd. Reading skills are a critical fundamental tenant to a life-long career of learning. Free educational tutoring sessions at local libraries are a great chance to better our skills. In order to meet the call with qualified professionals; teachers, health care professionals and others… we must meet the demand through education.

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