Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sustainable Energy Development…

Clearly, the finite world on which we live is struggling to provide burgeoning populations and growing economies with enough energy to continue to operate at the same operational levels as in the past. The problem lies with the fact that we haven’t developed our energy harvest in a sustainable manner and… enter the “crisis.”

South Dakota is poised to become a leader in world energy transformation. We, as citizens of this state, should embrace this opportunity and work towards solutions. As far as I know, the “end-all” of sustainable energy development has yet to be discovered. So, until that day comes, we must continue to develop alternative sources and set policies aimed at sustainable development. Senator Thune, in his article from the July 9 Central Dakota Times, argues for continued research and development in many areas of energy generation.
I encourage this particular approach because many times we become pessimistic and oppose any measure simply because it isn’t the perfect solution… right now, or the method is still in its nascent stages. My goal is to argue that continued innovation, development, and re-development are the processes that will lead us to the appropriate technology for worldwide sustainable energy development. We shouldn’t discard our ideas… only our preconceived notions that they will not work.

Skepticism is easy, but we shouldn’t let that sway our convictions about a better future.

Thank you Senator Thune for your leadership!

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