Thursday, November 13, 2008

South Dakota’s Long-term Care Crisis… Critical for Two Reasons:

There is a lot of buzz around South Dakota’s long-term care situation and what the ‘crisis’ means as far as healthcare for aging South Dakota residents. According to yesterday’s Argus Leader…

“A rapidly aging population in South Dakota faces serious shortages of long-term care in the next 15 years because of several problems, a state report concludes… Money also will be a problem. An aging population requires more resources, the report said. However, task force members could not "reach consensus" on a source of revenue.”

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As a health care professional I have been especially concerned about this issue for sometime. But as a concerned citizen, I also ponder the second half of the above quotation, and what it means for South Dakota.

If we have an aging population and the youth are migrating out of state… where will the resources to care for these individuals come from? The article suggests we have a growth rate of people over the age of sixty-five twice that of the national norm.

It is in the best interests of South Dakota to strategically realign healthcare delivery to make services more affordable for all South Dakotans, as well as implement a vertically aligned economic development plan focused on education and retention of youth in South Dakota.

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