Thursday, November 20, 2008

Investing In the Future…

The Argus Leader Reports that Senator John Thune has received the number five spot in the United States Senate Republican Leadership. From the report:

"I think we have to define more clearly what we're for," Thune said of his party. "We can't just be against what the Democrats are for. We have to offer positive alternatives."

Thune said his priorities will be pushing legislation to boost renewable fuels, infrastructure development, rural technology and energy issues.
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Senator Thune wants to bolster efforts in renewable fuels, infrastructure and rural technology. Do you suppose that is because he is from South Dakota, and we are a rural state? I don’t think so…

I believe Senator Thune realizes the significance of rural America and its future role as a region in the United States. If you stop and think about issues the United States is facing… foreign oil, renewable energy, food production, climate chance, etc., the Midwest is the primary driver for solutions.

Agricultural production for food and fuel and major developments in wind energy are happening here in South Dakota. We have large oil reserves to meet capacity in the short-term while we transition to more renewable methods, and studies are being conducted to integrate a more promising cellulosic ethanol industry with our natural resources and wildlife populations… something we pride ourselves on.

I believe South Dakota is in a great position to become leaders in providing solutions, and Senator Thune is a shining example. We shouldn’t neglect rural regions by facilitating their decline. Rather, we should invest in them to produce opportunities for renewable energy development and jobs, agriculture production, and above all… to keep the number one resource of this state: South Dakotans.

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