Friday, November 21, 2008

Scott Announces His Exploratory Committee!

Munsterman for All South Dakota

Brookings Mayor Scott Munsterman has filed a statement of organization of his candidacy for Governor of South Dakota in 2010. The Brookings Mayor and businessman explains he has developed policy drafts in the areas of economic development, education, the environment, health care, energy, policy development and community development strategy. “My leadership experience as mayor and my solid background in business and health care have validated a passion to serve. I am convinced in order for us to provide solutions to the problems we have today, we must develop a new strategy. Forward planning and innovative ideas are imperative to moving us ahead in the new economy of tomorrow.”

Under Munsterman’s leadership, Brookings has experienced sound, vigorous growth over the last eight years. “I have been very fortunate to be part of a successful team. Our strategic approach and the partnerships we have developed in our region are paying consequential dividends and will for years to come.” Under Munsterman’s mayoral leadership, the City of Brookings has experienced strong increases in sales tax revenue and, with a conservative fiscal approach to spending, Brookings has experienced surplus budgets. “Communities need to have the opportunity to have more local control to improve their future. No one knows what a community needs better than those who live there.”

Scott developed these stimulating, proactive policy drafts to encourage in depth reflection so he can listen and learn from the people of South Dakota as a way to craft the direction and strategies of tomorrow’s South Dakota. To provide broad perspectives in these early stages of his campaign, Scott has formed a non-partisan group of advisers from all walks of life.

“Politics is traditionally considered a partisan environment. I am dedicated to getting the insight of Republicans, Democrats and independents alike as I explore the best strategy to develop our state from a community perspective,” says Munsterman. “The Governor must lead all of South Dakota, not just one party. We are only as strong as our smallest community. It is time we do everything we can to grow our whole state.”

“I urge South Dakotans to visit my web site and give me a “shout,” says Scott. The Munsterman for Governor website is located at

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